2015/2016: The Four Seasons in Poetry

Referenti: Dawn Boden, Giuliana D’Orazi, Carolina Calizza, Osvaldo Guidoti

Finalità:Students in our fourth grade classes prepare for an end of year recital in English, based on the four seasons; autumn, winter, spring and summer. As part of their preparation they not only copy their poems out by hand but also type their poems, using Microsoft office Word, during their IT lesson. They learn pronunciation and voice inflection as well as reading / reciting a poem with feeling, rather than from memory.

Modalità di attuazione: Students have copied their poems out and practiced reciting them during their English lesson. They utilize their information technology hour not only to write their poems using MS office Word but also to use other Microsoft instruments in order to work with font, colour and dimension. During their music lesson, students also listen to and learn about music by Vivaldi titled i Quattro Stagione and, will be played during the recital. The date and time of the recital will be decided and will be viewed by families and students.

Ulteriori info: The musical piece chosen for this recital has been chosen in order to enhance the “feeling” of each poem. A special thanks to Professor Guidoti for his participation.