2015/2016: International Exchange Day

Referenti: Dawn Boden, Monica Sarale, Sodexo

Finalità: Our fifth grade students, through letters, skype chat and a day spent together, developed a rapport with students from the UK, Newcastle upon Tyne. Apart from playing games and sharing stories with each other during their picnic lunch (in part provided by Sodexo, they toured the school, including the “Sala degli Afreschi” monastery, Astrolabe and the famous fresco known as the Metamorphosis. After which, they shared chapel time to listen to the story of our Mater.

Modalità di attuazione: Interactions and activities occurred in class as well as on the grounds of the school, in the chapel and on the terrace. Students also had the opportunity to share their own Italian culture through food which they brought from home and with gifts exchanged such as a book they wrote the previous year which was full of riddles and poems written by them and other students at our school.

Ulteriori info: This activity not only encourages students to practice communication in English but strengthens the rapport between our schools and the Sacred Heart community.